Gospelcom tribute

Gospelcom in Review Prior to starting my senior year in college, a Professor who knew my older brother contacted me about a possible technical job with a Christian ministry named Gospel Films. Heading into a double major of Computer Science and Religion & Theology, I guess my interests seemed like a good fit. For the […]

about Face(book)

I tried to avoid it. I held off for quite some time, but finally caved and created a Facebook account. My life went along swimmingly without ever needing a MySpace account, and I was hoping the same would hold true with Facebook. Unfortunately, my annoyance at not being able to see information that people wanted […]

a walking miracle

My family was in town the week of Thanksgiving last year. My dad was invited to preach at our church, so the family that was still in town came to our church to worship. After the service we piled in our cars and headed towards I-95. There was a significant line to get on the […]