the relevance of economics

Basic Economics is a must read. It explains economics for people that simply want to be informed citizens. Sowell states matter of factly that “… every voter and every politician that they vote for affects economic policies. We cannot opt out of economic issues” (vii). Sowell covers a wide range of economic issues in an […]

timeless words

This past week marked the 45th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s “A Time For Choosing” speech, given for Goldwater’s campaign in ’64.  In listening to the speech again, I was struck by how timeless his words are.  While the world is a much different place now, and the political players are different both within our country […]

Inauguration Day

I’d like to attend an Inauguration someday.  From a practical standpoint, however, I never seriously considered this year’s ceremony.  For months the local authorities have been giving dire warnings about traffic, large masses of humanity, and far too few port-a-potties for our young family to be able to go. Not only were they closing two […]