Meet Door of Faith Orphanage

The last morning of our trip was sunny, but brisk. I sat at the picnic table, clutching my warm cup of coffee, watching the handful of sheep grazing down the dirt road. A couple local construction workers hauled wheelbarrows full of tools up the steep hill past our cabin, all the while offering a smile […]

invasion of the filk

I’m in San Jose on a work trip this week. On Thursday evening I was in the hotel lobby waiting to go out to dinner with some friends when I couldn’t help but notice an influx of people. We suspected this group of people was here for a convention of some sort, and that theory […]

a walking miracle

My family was in town the week of Thanksgiving last year. My dad was invited to preach at our church, so the family that was still in town came to our church to worship. After the service we piled in our cars and headed towards I-95. There was a significant line to get on the […]