a walking miracle

My family was in town the week of Thanksgiving last year. My dad was invited to preach at our church, so the family that was still in town came to our church to worship. After the service we piled in our cars and headed towards I-95. There was a significant line to get on the highway, and traffic appeared to be moving very slowly. We moaned, and made the usual snide remarks about traffic.

The next day at work I received a phone call explaining the reason for the traffic backup. A good friend of ours that I met at work was in a car accident on I-95, and it was his accident causing the backup we experienced. He and his family were on the way to church when a car swerved into their lane, causing them to loose control. Their car rolled numerous times while crossing all lanes of traffic. His wife and boys only suffered minor bruises, but he scraped his forehead on the pavement as they were rolling and broke his neck in three places. Had his neck bent in a different direction, he could have been paralyzed or killed instantly.

This week he returned to work full time, barely 8 weeks later, not even wearing a neck brace or having had any surgery. His neck is almost fully healed, and his hair is even growing back where his head kissed the pavement. I’ve heard him describe himself as a walking miracle, and to hear the stories of God’s protection during the accident and His provision afterward, it’s plain to see why.

It’s great to have you back in the saddle, Curtis. Keep preaching it, brother!

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  1. Finally! I have to nearly die to get a mention on your blog!!!! All kidding aside, God is good and greatly to be praised! He deserves all the credit!

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