Last Words (Tenebrae)

Since Lent, our entire family has been enraptured with song, “Last Words (Tenebrae)” by Andrew Peterson. It’s a song so powerful it literally brings tears to the eyes, and leaves even our kids requesting to listen again.

Resurrection Letters: Prologue

Tenebrae (Latin for “darkness”), refers to a Christian service during the week leading up to Easter, often involving the gradual extinguishing of candles. The Last Words refer to the 7 last sentences Jesus spoke as he was crucified on the cross. Hearing his own words sung in a round is musically mesmerizing, and strikes you with the gravity of all that he came to accomplish during his earthly ministry.

He was the mediator who came to offer forgiveness:

Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do
Forgive them, they know not what they do

He was the Messiah who came to save:

Today you will be with me in Paradise
You will be with me today

He was a child who came to model compassion and serve:

Behold your son, behold your mother, behold your son

He was a Son who willingly endured abandonment from his Father:

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
Why have you forsaken me?

He was a human who suffered pain:

I thirst, I thirst

He is the Messiah who volunteered his life as a sacrifice:

It is finished, it is finished

Father, into your hands, into your hands
I commit my spirit

Luke 23:34, Luke 23:43, John 19:26, Mark 15:34, John 19:28, John 19:30, Luke 23:46

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