About MI Accent

The majority of my life has been lived in the great state of Michigan (the official abbreviation is MI, for those of you not from the midwest). After first moving to Virginia, I noticed that few people there talked normally (i.e., without an accent).

That got me thinking about how living in Michigan has impacted my views on life, whether it be important areas like sports, or the more mundane issues of politics, faith, and family. It’s no different than the impact my upbringing, my education, or any of my experiences in life; they all combine to shape the way I view life. The Calvinist in me wants to point out how I made it through this entire paragraph without saying “worldview.”

Most posts on this site will not be about differences between Michigan and Virginia. They will, however, be occasional glimpses into how I view life around me, and I’m certain that over time my accent, or should I say MI accent?, will come through loud and clear.