Commuting Commemoration

Looking back on my years of commuting, it provided plenty of memories, some wonderful, some amusing, and some downright awful. Before time and age have their way with my memory, I thought I should capture some of those memories lest I never forget.

Gospelcom tribute

Gospelcom in Review Prior to starting my senior year in college, a Professor who knew my older brother contacted me about a possible technical job with a Christian ministry named Gospel Films. Heading into a double major of Computer Science and Religion & Theology, I guess my interests seemed like a good fit. For the […]

invasion of the filk

I’m in San Jose on a work trip this week. On Thursday evening I was in the hotel lobby waiting to go out to dinner with some friends when I couldn’t help but notice an influx of people. We suspected this group of people was here for a convention of some sort, and that theory […]