Commuting Commemoration

Looking back on my years of commuting, it provided plenty of memories, some wonderful, some amusing, and some downright awful. Before time and age have their way with my memory, I thought I should capture some of those memories lest I never forget.

you know traffic is bad when …

You know traffic around here is bad when … (1) … the local news radio station has a tag line that ends, “where the traffic only gets worse.” (2) … your toddler recognizes anytime the car is approaching the highway and instinctively yells, “Other way! I want other way!” while pointing in every direction but […]

a walking miracle

My family was in town the week of Thanksgiving last year. My dad was invited to preach at our church, so the family that was still in town came to our church to worship. After the service we piled in our cars and headed towards I-95. There was a significant line to get on the […]