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  1. an iMac? didn’t you make fun of me for having a macbook pro?

    if you did i’ll forgive you and welcome you to the wonderful world of apple!

    i’m upgrading my hard drive and adding a xp partition on it so i can run the few programs that don’t work on the mac that i like.

    have fun with your iMac. i’m about to get one soon for a desktop then keep the laptop for commuting and working out of the office.


  2. I’ll try to take these in order …

    Which one did you get? Let me know how you like it, as I’m thinking of one for my next computer. 🙂

    Hey pcg. The primary uses for this new guy are email, surfing the interwebs, photo management, word processing, and music. Nothing too fancy or demanding. So, we got the 20″ variety, which comes with 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 250 GB 7200-rpm Serial ATA, 128 MB dedicated video memory, etc. We upgraded to the wireless mouse, but stuck with the regular keyboard because the wireless version doesn’t have the number keypad. I also purchased an extra 1 GB of RAM (it comes standard with 1 GB). However, after a good bit of research, I bought the memory separate from Smalldog.com. It was easy to install (less than 5 minutes), and saved us about $100.

    And yes, we’re thrilled with it thus far. 🙂

    an iMac? didn’t you make fun of me for having a macbook pro?

    Ty, don’t feel bad. If I did make fun of you, it was for purely personal reasons. 😛 I had a Macbook Pro at my previous job, and that’s what first won me over.

    The only app I’m concerned about is Quicken. They have a Mac version, but it’s a bit behind the Windows version. Fortunately, Intuit announced they’re rewriting it from the ground up for the Mac, due at the end of ’08. Looking forward to it.

    And as for you, Andy and Brian, you both pushed me ever closer to making the switch over the years, so thanks!

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