about Face(book)

I tried to avoid it. I held off for quite some time, but finally caved and created a Facebook account.

My life went along swimmingly without ever needing a MySpace account, and I was hoping the same would hold true with Facebook. Unfortunately, my annoyance at not being able to see information that people wanted to share with me finally overcame my disdain for keeping up with the latest and greatest social networking site of the day.

FacebookSo I now have an account. I now have one more place I need to check for updates about people. I now have another place to keep my own information updated. Alright, maybe it’s not that bad, but I’m struggling to see the appeal. Numerous people have pitched the greatness of Facebook to me, but joining so I could pretend to be a zombie never felt like a compelling argument.

I’m sure I’ll see the beauty of Facebook soon enough, right? Right?!

3 thoughts on “about Face(book)

  1. I find myself logging in less and less. In the early days I did scrabulous and the zombie thing. I found some people I haven’t talked to in years, we said hi, and that was the end of it.

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