the most wonderful time of the year

OK, maybe it’s not the most wonderful time of the year, but it is one of my favorites. That’s right, it’s election season. I started to get really excited a couple weeks ago, and can’t wait for election night. Hopefully we can make a family evening of it, watching the results come in.

This is an especially interesting election year since we’re still interested in how things fare in Michigan, but we also are trying to ramp up on the local political scene here in Virginia.

For some reason I think I have more anticipation leading up to election day than things like big sporting events. Maybe it’s because the outcome actually matters. (I’m sure my wife would tell you I act as if the outcome matters each year when playoffs come around.)

Sure, the best person (i.e., the person I’ve voted for 😛 ) will not always win, and that can be frustrating and disappointing. But we are blessed to live in this amazing country where we can participate in things like elections.

Only 2 days to go!

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