(ir)regardless of what I’ve always said …

The History
For years I’ve maintained I would never have a blog. The reasons for not having one were numerous, but my primary concern was the amount of time I knew I would agonize over each post, in hopes of never making a typo, ensuring I’d thought through all possible responses people might post in comments, etc.

The Need
Unfortunately, I now believe the need for a blog is outweighing what will be a constant struggle to not let it usurp all my available time. So, (ir)regardless of what I’ve always said, I now have a blog. Having recently moved away from most of our friends and family, I selfishly determined this would be the easiest way to let people know how things are going.

The Name
It may come as no surprise to many of you that it took several months to arrive at this decision, and a good bit of time beyond that to think of a suitable blog and domain name. Had a certain domain been available, the choice would have been an easy one. (For those that are curious, my fascination of the word irregardless goes back quite a ways, and has been discussed on blogs you know and love for years. I think the reason I enjoy using it is because of how animated some people get at its usage. Do I really think it’s a valid word? At this point it really doesn’t matter much to me.) Instead, I came up with michiganaccent.com, for reasons you can read about here.

The Disclaimer
There very well might be nauseating tidbits about, and pictures of, my family or the places we visit. I might even post celebratory messages about my favorite sports teams. I trust you can deal with it.

The Future
I’ve seen many blogs come and go, and some just barely hanging on by a string. I have no idea how frequently I’ll post the “wow, I haven’t posted in a long time” message we all know and love, or when I’ll decide the usefulness of the blog has come and gone. We’ll just give it a try and see what becomes of it.

The Defeat
For all of you that have been bugging me to have a blog for so many years, you win. Here’s hoping it’s everything you dreamed it would be.

4 thoughts on “(ir)regardless of what I’ve always said …

  1. Gee. It’s a brand new blog and you’re already taking pot-shots:

    I’ve seen many blogs come and go, and some just barely hanging on by a string.

    You wound me, but I’m happy to see you have plunged into blogdom.

    First comment – woohoo!

  2. Thought you might be interested. You may want to start an index…

    Now why would I want to create an index documenting its usage when we all know it’s a legitimate word? 😛

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