thanks for the compliment, but …

Remember back in elementary school on Valentine’s Day when everyone passed out those playing card sized valentines? There would be a certain time on that day when we’d all walk around the classroom and distribute the valentines to our classmates. Invariably I would get valentines addressed to “Brain.” Looking back, that’s kind of cute and understandable.

Never did I imagine the same thing would be happening once I was in my thirties. No, we don’t pass out valentines at work. However, at least once per week I receive email addressed to Brain. If it didn’t happen consistently, I’d chalk it up to typos. But my email address contains the proper spelling of my name, so it really wouldn’t be too hard to verify if you’re unsure.

On a recent work trip, one of my teammates saw Brian the Brain in the SkyMall magazine. Seems only appropriate that I get one for my cube.

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