Osprey sighting

Living in relative proximity to Quantico, we frequently see various aircraft flying over, or hear feel bombs going off on the days they’re doing their bombing (i.e., the “NoiseV-22 Osprey Advisory” days). After work a few days ago a couple planes flew over the house twice, and I didn’t recognize them. That is, until I read the paper the next day. The V-22 Osprey have been in the news this week due to their upcoming deployment to Iraq, and a couple were at Quantico for the announcement. They were pretty awesome flying over, but it would have been more impressive to see them carrying a Hummer.

One thought on “Osprey sighting

  1. You know, I paid attention when they started building these things, and I remember when they started testing them, but I had NO idea that they weren’t in production yet. That’s amazing to me.

    I’m envious that you got to see them though. 🙂

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