Pedro For President

I thought it might be enjoyable to rent a movie this weekend, while Moby and I had the place to ourselves. Watching movies relatively infrequently, I didn’t want to waste this opportunity. That being the case, I had three requirements for picking a movie: (1) it had to be something previously recommended to me by people I (for the most part) trust; (2) it had to be entertaining; and (3) it had to be something Rachel likely wouldn’t want to watch were we to watch a movie together. That led me to one choice: Napoleon Dynamite.

Since I’m likely the last geek around to watch the movie, I won’t bother with a review. I will say I enjoyed it, which means something given the build up it received. Some highlights for me:

* Hearing Forever Young by Alphaville, The Promise by When I’m In Rome, and the A-Team theme song. Wow, those bring back memories.

* Watching Napoleon play tetherball on the playground. That was a classic recess activity for me in middle school … but I was playing it with other people, I swear.

* Learning the truth about ligers.

* Seeing Napoleon work on the chicken farm. Thanks to a college friend, I did that for a couple days one spring break to pick up some extra cash. That’s definitely an experience.

All in all, I was entertained and now have a much better grasp of conversations going on around me every day (if that tells you anything about the circles of which I’m a part).

4 thoughts on “Pedro For President

  1. Topher, if nothing else you know it’s got some good 80’s music.

    And Andy, I bet it was the moonboots that got you hooked, eh? A superb, yet subtle touch to the character.

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