National Museum of the Marine Corps

A new museum has been built just off of I-95, the highway I take to and from work each day. It looks pretty impressive from a distance. On Friday I was outside enjoying the sunny 70 degree weather, as anyone should do when theyNational Museum of the Marine Corps have the day off for Veteran’s Day, and I saw a formation of 4 planes flying way overhead. A few minutes later, they flew by again, this time a bit lower. It wasn’t long after, and they flew overhead extremely low, and were just rolling into a turn as they went by. It was a very impressive sight, and the noise was quite awesome. Being the astute person I am, I realized these planes were not your typical United Airlines planes going to and from Dulles. Then I remembered the museum was being dedicated that day. Sure enough, the planes were F-18s that were part of the ceremonies.

As an interesting aside, they bused in a ton of people from the Pentagon for the dedication ceremony. Not knowing what to do with all the buses, they decided to close the HOV lanes for the day and park the buses there, figuring since it was a federal holiday the traffic wouldn’t be that bad. It took my brother almost 3 hours to get home from work that day. He had a few things to say about their parking plan. 😛 I’m glad this was one commute I was able to miss.

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  1. Good call, Joel. Now that you say that, I seem to remember reading it somewhere. Sure enough, here it is:

    The Museum’s signature 210 foot stainless steel spire soars over the tree line and is clearly visible, day or night from I-95 and the surrounding area. Designed by the award-winning firm of Fentress Bradburn Architects, the National Museum of the Marine Corps emulates the iconic image of the raising of the American flag over Iwo Jima. Additionally, the spire also evokes notions of swords at salute, aircraft climbing in to the heavens or a howitzer at the ready. The dramatic composition of structural lines embodies the spirit of the Marine Corps, a poised balance of strength and stability.

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