Hiding Under Halloween’s Bushel

As another Halloween was drawing to a close, I sat alone with a depleted bowl of candy on our front porch, waiting for any remaining neighborhood children to come by. It was quiet, almost too quiet. As I surveyed our street, I counted 7 consecutive houses next to us that were completely dark. No porch lights, no sidewalk lights, and no light spilling out from the front windows.

Finding a Church, From Peanut Butter to Potblessings

When we first decided to move to Virginia, we assumed the majority of our new friendships would come through whatever church we joined. As such, we were anxious to find a church home. As it turns out, this wasn’t the only assumption of the move we got wrong. Church (S)hopping As was the case with […]

a growing appreciation

We’re in the midst of what is often referred to as Federal Holiday season. It’s a stretch of several months wherein there are multiple federal holidays. I won’t deny I enjoy the three day weekends. At the same time, having a break from the normal routine is enough to actually cause me to pay more […]